Thursday, April 28, 2011

A week of Revelation

This week has been a week of Revelation for me. As I continue in my walk with Christ and become stronger in my faith, it has become apparent to me that everyone that I associate myself with now can't go on this "journey" with me.  Not to say that they are bad people or not worthy of my me... I don't think that about anyone...but I believe that God has a blueprint for all of our lives. All of our blueprints are uniquely different.  It is not beneficial for me to follow my friends blueprint that God has set out for their lives or vice versa. Some people (simply put), are not ready to embark on the transformation that God has for you.

Earlier this week, I was watching Steve Harvey's show on the Centric Channel. (I love that show!) Anyway... Tyrese Gibson <3 was on there and he passed on some advice to us that his friend Will Smith passed onto him. "To determine where you are going, take a look at the five people that you spend the most time with and talk to me most. by examining your top five people will tell your everything you need to know about your current situation and where you are headed.  After attending bible study yesterday, my pastor, Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby urged us to "cut off" our professional mourners and the negative people in our life. We should strive to surround ourselves with people of faith. We need people that encourage and inspire us...not the opposite... Now I know what you are thinking...because I was thinking the same thing at first...IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE POSITIVE 100% of the time. Yes! I know this, sometimes life's trials and tribulations bring us to a point where we feel it's impossible to be positive! But make an effort. Every time you catch yourself thinking negative or saying something negative try to write it down. Then at the end of the day (Or whenever you have time) rewrite what you said (or thought) into a positive statement. Sometimes we don't know how negative we are until it is brought to our attention. TRUST ME!! I know! This is directed towards me especially.

My top 5 people consists of my mom, my brothers and some of my closest friends. So I am curious....who is in your top 5?  Do your Top 5 encourage you...or the opposite? Why do we continue to allow negativity around us? I want to know what you think!!
                                                                           <3 CiCi